Monkey Puzzle Stoke Newington uses an online portal called Famly which is a parent’s go to place for all the information they need about your child’s time at nursery. You can login and see all the wonderful activities and observations taken on your child any time you wish.

Using Famly has amazing benefits and helps our families keep up to date with what their children have been enjoying during the day. Using the app will allow us to:

Keep up to date with your child's day

Provide real-time updates about your child’s day where you receive instant insights into what your child has done during their time at nursery, including activities, meals, and memorable moments captured photos and messages.

Keep up to date with parent communications

Give transparent communications to parents so they always stay up to date with the any important announcements, upcoming events, and any news relevant to your child’s nursery experience so you never miss out.

See your child's personal learning journey

Create a personalized learning journal that allows you to explore your child’s learning journey through personalized profiles and digital learning journals, showcasing their developmental progress, achievements, and activities.

Easily track nursery attendance

Easily track attendance and effortlessly manage records, ensuring we and you have accurate and up-to-date information about your child’s time at the nursery.

Be in constant contact throughout the day

Have a near constant two-way communication between the nursery and you while your child is with us during the day. Not only does this give you peace of mind that we are here and ready to update you on your child’s day, it allows you to ask questions, share insights and be actively involved in the time where you are apart from your child.

Make simple, stressfree payments online

Keep up to date with your nursery fees and payments in a quick and easy way. If you choose to pay through the app, it is seamless, easy and stressfree.

The Famly app is designed to make your experience with Monkey Puzzle Stoke Newington even more enriching and convenient. We believe in fostering a strong partnership between parents and our nursery team, and the Famly app plays a key role in achieving this goal. 

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the Famly app, our team is here to provide support. Welcome to a more connected and interactive nursery experience with Famly at Monkey Puzzle Stoke Newington!